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What exactly Elbrus Extreme is ?

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Let me introduce us as a Elbrus Extreme. What is this? How this idea started? What are our goals? What will happen here ??? :)

Elbrus Extreme is a group of instructors and professionalists with experience in almost every discipline of climbing. Rocks, mountains, summer and winter climbing, small and large walls, hook climbing. We teach climbing on artificial walls and rocks.

Climbing is an activity that you can do in many ways: sometimes you only need shoes, a t-shirt, a mattress, 2 meters of rock and a group of friends to have fun. We will teach you how to do it safely. 

What is this ?

Inside healthy body - healthy spirit !

We are a climbing school that provides climbing indoor and outdoor coaching, training classes, routesetting and all connected with nutritioning support.

Second part of our organisation is building a climbing panells and hardwood holds making and Volumes

Thrid part is a non climbing events organisation and martial arts / self defence training

How it started?

after spending 10 years as a climber, then climbing instructor, 14 years as a martial arts stuent then Israeli Krav Maga instructor where i've meet great people we decided to share our skills and experience with people, we started from having a climbing school in Poland where succesfully finished many of climbing courses, montainering coursec, trips, events, training camps, that experence gave us oportunity to deeply connect with climbing and working with people never stoped giving us a joy.

Now we are here, open for you, people who want to try climbing, or improve their skills allredy has, big part of our philosophy is having a joy , having a fun, connected with solid training, solid sessions, and delivering high quality service.


Elbrus Extreme can not exist without friendly compaanies:

SALSA ROUTESETTING - Routesetting and hard wood holds manufacture
ELBRUS MOUNTAINERING SHOP - Mountainering equipment, rental and trip organisator
Jakub Stec Climbing Performance - Great Coach, Instructor and Routesetter

The idea was:

To travel arround whole world and climb everything we can see ! :D

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